1600 KWOW

Chuck Wilder, 1600 KWOW Pomona | 1970

Rodney Manning Frye is the real name behind the genius of Chuck Wilder. A personality who has remained steady throughout the years, Wilder today can be heard on CRN Digital Talk Radio. A quick check of what happened to KWOW reveals that the station started on July 22, 1947 with the call letters KPMO, becoming KWOW Country sometime in the 1960s. It remained a Country station until 1972, when it flipped to Oldies. In 1987 the station flipped to business talk as KMNY. Sometime in 1998 the station was sold to Multicultural broadcasting and slowly evolved the station’s format into today’s Mandarin Chinese language station. Okay, I got all that off the internet, so it must be true, eh? The contributor for this aircheck is Jeffrey Holland. He writes that he’s a friend of Chuck W...