Providence RI

Mike Waite, 105.1 WPJB Providence | October, 1978

Date of Recording: October, 1978 (Exact date unknown) Contributor: Big Apple Airchecks Station: 105.1 WPJB Providence RI Featured Air Talent: Mike Waite (WPJB, WROR) Aircheck Entry: 1,396 Comments: A very short clip of Mike Waite from 1978. WPJB “JB-105” was a station way before its time. Engineered, audio speaking, to sound louder and more crisp than anything else around it, and featuring a heavy dose of WABC type reverb in its audio chain, this station was the best thing going in an era when FM was just emerging as the best place for music… it would take a few years for audiences to figure that out as in ’78 most of the listeners were still glued to AM, but by the time FM became king, 105.1 had turned into a sleepy, boring AC station. But, that sure made it easy f...

WPRO-FM Providence | August, 1974

First posted in November, 2004, here’s the return of a legend! WPRO-FM, only a few short months away back at the time of this QC from being called ’92 PRO-FM’, is shown here doing what this station has been doing continuously for almost 40 years now – playing the hits of the day! That kinda makes it a honest-to-goodness legendary Top 40 station – I mean, even WABC only played the hits for 22 years. How many stations can claim that? If any of our listeners remember hearing this station in the early 70s, we’d appreciate reading your comments!