1460 WAXC

Composite: 1460 WAXC Rochester | 1974

Date of Recording: 1974 (exact date unknown) Station: 1460 WAXC Rochester, New York Featured Air Talent: Robert Craig Savage, Tom Birch, The Greaseman, Larry White Contributor: Steve Bleecker Date of Contribution: 08.09.2016 Aircheck Entry: 1,431 Comments: “That record is a thing of beauty, that oughtta be made out of sterling silver instead of black plastic” Here’s a great example of a relatively low powered, Medium Market city station that dared to be GREAT! This starts out with Morning Man Robert Craig Savage and then moves through the broadcast day, albeit a bit choppy, but we’ve cleaned up the breaks a bit. Indeed, how could a little AM station in 1974 sound this good? The audio is clean, so clean, in fact, it sounds as if it came from the studio skimmer machin...

Tom Birch, 1460 WAXC Rochester | February 14, 1974

1974 was a VERY long time ago – in radio years it’s an eternity! Listening to Tom Birch and his SCREAMING upbeat show, one would think this is a major market station in competition with the biggest and best. But, that’s what WAXC sounded like in it’s prime! We dug deep into the vault to pull this superb, right-off-the-skimmer tape out for presentation. It shows just how hard AM Top 40 stations tried to capture and maintain their audience of young people. Young listeners have always been radio’s life blood, even if advertisers didn’t necessarily think so. One must think Tom Birch had most of Upstate New York listening on this particular night! WAXC has been gone for quite a while now, having gone through many format changes and even call letter changes. 1...

WAXC Demo Tape | 1972

Here’s what probably was a sales demo used by station salespeople to give potential advertisers an idea of what the station sounded like. A very common practice in the industry in the years prior to consolidation, this isn’t something typical of radio stations today. The tape starts and ends with a voiced promo. It includes short clips of Larry Black, Larry White, Don Ryan and Bob Savage, along with station jingles used in the early 1970s. Note the level of reverb the station was using! Larry White & Larry Black This came in on CD and sounds like the original master recording. Courtesy of Contributor and WAXC Alumn Steve Bleecker.

Steve Bleecker, 1460 WAXC Rochester | Fall, 1977

The WAXC call letters in Rochester NY have been gone for so long they don’t even show up in the FCC’s historical database. Too bad, for a station that sounded this good. We’re in 1977 and Contributor Steve Bleecker sent this in of himself, playing the hits on a cool Autumn day. Listen and be entertained.

Chris Bailey, WAXC Rochester | 1974

This aircheck has a few surprises for our listeners. Not only is Chris Baily a talented jock, but a famous one, as it turns out – Charlie Tuna. No, not THAT Charlie Tuna, a guy in Cleveland. Actually, the real story is described by Contributor Steve Bleecker: This is Jim Rafte ! He now resides in Dover Delaware . Shortly after working for Larry White (P.D.) at WAXC, Jim, who used the name Chris Bailey at WAXC , was hired by The REAL Chris Bailey (WRKO)…and became “Charlie Tuna” at “G 98” WGCL, Cleveland, Ohio , where he did Afternoons Special thanks to WAXC PD Larry White for archiving this aircheck. More to come from Contributor Steve Bleecker!

Robert Craig Savage, 1460 WAXC Rochester | 1972

Courtesy of Contributor Steve Bleecker… Robert Craig Savage has to be the quintessential AM Top 40 jock. He personifies everything that was Top 40 Radio in the early to mid 1970s. While his personality approach to the format on WAXC might be something you’d hear on some of the other great hit stations of the period, that doesn’t mean that Savage doesn’t stand out. Quite the contrary, here’s a unique voice with lots of forward momentum on a station playing all the hits! After all, what did you expect from the station which launched the career of The Greaseman!

Introducing The Greaseman (Doug Tract), 1460 WAXC Rochester | 1972

…“You’d better have strong woofers & tweeters!” The beginnings of someone the world would come to know as the Greaseman. You hear the beginnings of a whirlwind career that would start here and reach the heights of the nation’s Capitol (at WRC and WWDC-FM “DC-101”) before moving into national syndication and then a spectacular fall from grace. Contributor Steve Bleecker goes on to describe: The Greaseman ! “You better have Strong Woofers & Tweeters” … Well, here’s the guy who WAS all the Talk! He Talked it…He Walked it…. right out of WAXC’s Front Door, to WRC, Washington DC! Again…a Huge Tribute to Larry White, Program Director. It’s quite amazing to hear this aircheck of “Grease&...

Composite, WAXC Rochester | 1972

Our good friend Steve Bleecker does it again! Here’s an amazingly good sounding sales demo tape put together sometime in the mid-1970s by a production whiz. That this survived all these years in this good a condition is amazing in and of itself, but the real beauty is in the way the ‘announcer’ uses the lingo of the 70s around a composite aircheck of WAXC, which includes jocks Larry Black, Don Ryan, Larry White and Bob Savage. There’s a great story behind this. Steve Bleecker describes… produced in ’72…as the station was ready to Launch…a very BIG DEAL at the time…because…for the first time in, like “forever”…WAXC’s emergence would threaten WBBF’s complete “Top 40” dominance…there wa...