1170 KCBQ

Bobby Ocean, 1170 KCBQ San Diego | May 26, 1971

A bit of light processing returns this performance of the Bobby Ocean show on KCBQ to life! This is fairly early in Bobby Ocean’s career, before he went on to stardom at KFRC San Francisco, and all the talent is there. So is the voice that imaged numerous stations in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Runs about 10 minutes scoped.

Charlie Tuna, KCBQ San Diego | April 11, 1972

Courtesy of Matt at Big Apple Airchecks, Here’s a relatively rare aircheck featuring Charlie Tuna… NOT at his longtime home at 93 / KHJ, but in San Diego! KCBQ featured one shotgun jingle – heard often enough on this 10 minute composite, but always well placed after one of Tuna’s jokes. Charlie Tuna is… well, himself, sounding comfortable and every bit as good as in L.A… with those pipes! Didn’t he and Charlie Van Dyke share a cellar somewhere?…

Rich “Brother” Robbin on KCBQ San Diego | December, 1973

Who woulda thought that in 1973 AM Top 40 would sound this good! Rich Brother Robin could open a university on how to do high-energy radio. Perhaps he should… the former WSRR (now WKIM) Memphis PD and creator of the Classic Hits oldies format sounded awesome in his prime! Anyway, at just over seven minutes, learn what ‘high-energy’ top 40 really was. KCBQ was known for it’s shotgun approach (to borrow Tom Kelly’s monniker), and here – KCBQ is at the TOP of it’s game! Remastered on 8/9/11

Sales Demo: B. Bailey Brown on KCBQ San Diego | 1969

Found among other reel golden goodies is this reel that our good friend Karl Philips provided. I’m sure demos are still sent as part of ‘selling’ a new client, but after listening to this 15 minute demo put together by overnight guy B. Bailey Brown, I’m quite amazed. Talk about different! I’m not going to offer an opinion of this aircheck, just present what was created all those years ago. Included are a few acutal airchecks, a few great PAMS KCBQ jingles, a few phoners, and a ton of narration by the jock.

Gerry Peterson & Mason Dixon, 1170 KCBQ San Diego | September 24, 1977

Courtesy of BigAppleAirchecks. Nearly perfect audio quality on this one. On this aircheck, you’ll hear Gerry Peterson, then Mason Dixon on a very music-intensive KCBQ. Now, KCBQ and KGB had always been the Top 40 leaders in this city, but obviously, KCBQ was feeling some heat from FM. We get to hear TWO jingles in this 12 minute scope (down from the original one hour unscoped tape), and while they sound good, it’s nowhere near as exciting to hear a rarely-used jingle out of a stop set as opposed to in-format. The one big plus here is that you will hear a TRUE variety (not diversity) of music. KCBQ really does play ALL THE HITS, and thus does earn it’s right to compete with the new FM competitors… but I sure woulda liked to hear these two jocks put a bit more persona...

KCBQ Becomes a “Thing of the Past”, 1170 KCBQ San Diego | February 1976

Is this any way to do a promotion? KCBQ kicks off a format tweak by becoming a ‘Thing of the Past’, apparently in response to KFMB-FM going Top 40 sometime earlier. Ratings are down and KCBQ decides to skew older in response. New Contributor Mike Donovan shares this gem from his collection, saying he’s been assembling airchecks for the past 30 years. This starts with Mason Dixon’s show as it ends, then goes into this ‘change’… and an apology to listeners for scaring them into thinking KCBQ was going away. “We don’t want to make you mad at us…” Would any station try something like this today? Probably not, since format changes are so commonplace these days, the shock value would be minimal. Still, we think you’ll like t...