94.9 KBZT

Jonathan Lange, KBZT “K-Best 95” San Diego | December 11, 1980

Recorded just 3 days after the death of Beatle John Lennon, “K-Best 95” is going to be airing a Beatles special on the evening of this aircheck. I mention that right off to set the year and tone for this, our first of Jonathon Lange and of KBZT. This recording, not only is our first of this historic San Diego Adult/Contemporary station, but probably best demonstrates the state of early ‘Soft AC’ stations on FM in the first year of the 1980s. This is ‘ALMOST’ Middle of the Road. With a generous dose of Oldies and just a sprinkling of new music, “K-Best 95” was in a great position to do well with adult audiences. Listen for the ‘K-Best 95 News Magazine’ about halfway in, and remember just what was going on in the world on 12/11/80. ...