106.1 KMEL

Howard Hoffman on 106 KMEL San Francisco | Early 90’s

While the date is unknown, I’m gonna chance a guess here at sometime around 1990 or so. One of our listeners will know for sure. Here’s Howard Hoffman. Known as a pretty wacky personality on the east coast (look for him here at airchexx.com from WPRO-FM, WPIX-FM & WABC), he’s a *bit* more subdued here at KMEL. Hoffman is himself but listeners will notice the latter day liner-card reader mentality showing up on this station. Most jocks it fits, but it does NOT sound like Howard Hoffman when he’s obviously reading verbatim. We know better. Hoffman is an incredible talent! Overall, this is a good aircheck. The station sounds hot and Hoffman sure is having fun like usual. But 90s radio isn’t 70s radio, and it shows. Today, KMEL lives on as a Hip-Hop station.

San Francisco CHR: Morning Drive on 106 KMEL and KXXX X-100 | September 1989

Here is a unique, narrated look at late 80s morning drive in San Francisco. Two great FM stations are featured here, courtesy of Robyn Watts and Hecht Enterprises, an apparent aircheck service at the time. This starts with the “Morning Zoo” on KMEL, then moves on to the X-100 morning show. X-100 of course morphed into Oldies KFRC-FM in the 90s, and you can hear a great aircheck from site friend and contributor Rex McNeil on X-100 elsewhere here on airchexx.com

Bill Lee, Renel, Lisa St. Regis; First Day of the “New Jack Zoo – 106.1 KMEL San Francisco

One-time Rocker turned CHR, then Hip Hop & R&B station KMEL began embracing what was known in the early 90s as “New Jack Swing” – a fusion genre of Hip Hop and mix/samples which really has become more mainstream over the years in the Hip Hop world. With that background, here’s the first morning of KMEL‘s “New Jack Zoo” morning show. Bill Lee (WTIC-FM, WCBS-FM), was a veteran of San Francisco’s airwaves for much of the first half of the 1980s on the one station nobody could beat until just before its demise as a Top 40 station – the great 610 KFRC. Lee alludes to this fact without naming the call letters early on in this aircheck. Also featured are “Renel” and Lisa St. Regis. After researching KMEL for a while, I st...