1530 WRAI

Karl Phillips, 1530 WRAI San Juan | Undated

Contributor Karl Phillips has sent in some wonderful goodies, including most of the WQXI airchecks here on the site. Its only appropriate, then, that we take the time to feature one of his own airchecks. Our contributor describes this aircheck: I was in line to be drafted when I worked at Quixie in 1969 so I joined the Navy and ended up at AFRTS in Keflavik doing all nights. Thom Whetston and I are acquaintances and he has posted my airchecks from AFRS 1484 Keflavik from 1971 on his site. I sucked but I guess most people who would listen to me from back then would just be listening for the music. I then was stationed in San Juan and worked at Bob Hope’s station WBMJ 1190 going by the name Scott Brady….. doing fill in and weekends and sleepin on the couch at the radio station wo...