1090 KING

Composite: 1090 KING Seattle | 1977

Contributor Mike Donovan sent in a package a few years ago that we’re still posting from. Here’s a 5 minute scope of what was evidently a station demo. The file we saved back when we got this included other Seattle-area radio stations which will post on this site shortly. We get to hear three superb jocks here, along with a generous dose of station jingles from TM Century’s “You” package which RKO General made substantial use of at 93/KHJ Los Angeles and 68 WRKO Boston, along with other stations around the U.S. First off, our first recording featuring Rob Conrad. Anyone know him? You’ll hear a couple of breaks, then Dan Foley. He’s another guy I’ve never heard before but he fits right in! The recording ends with Andy Barber, whom we have feat...