107.7 KMJM

A Sample of KMJM “Majic 108” St. Louis | October 30, 1982

Exhibited here is a glimpse of what was then at 107.7 FM. The format today would be considered Urban AC, although the term didn’t exist in 1982. KMJM is considered the top rated minority station in St. Louis. A frequency swap in 1997 resulted in the station moving to 104.9 where it is to this day. The jock is a female with a sultry voice. She mentions her name (Wilma) just once, in the middle of this ‘check. This is a thoroughly enjoyable recording, featuring songs not heard on the radio in a very long time, although you’ll only hear parts of them as this is a scoped aircheck. And, since this is considered to be an Urban station, Donald Fagan’s “IGY” seems very out of place at the opening of this recording. Thanks to Contributor Matt at Big Apple Airchec...