104.5 CHUM-FM

The “Sunday Funnies”, 104.5 CHUM-FM Toronto | 1986

Courtesy of new Contributor “Jay”, who sent this in without his last name and only with a download link to this in his collection, here’s something truly unique! The Sunday Funnies were aired on many AOR, Progressive and the evolving Active Rock stations of the mid-80s. CHUM-FM, if you believe the wikipedia version of history of CHUM-FM, was evolving from Album Rock to Adult Contemporary (somehow, this doesn’t make much sense, since the two formats were as far apart as Summer is to Winter, but that’s how its written). We invite listeners to CHUM-FM in the Mid-80s to set the record straight. I get the impression, based upon the ads heard in the stop sets between segments, that CHUM-FM was still solidly in the Album Rock format here. This aircheck will certainly...

Gord Johnson, The “Sunday Funnies”; CHUM-FM Toronto | October 4, 1987

For those of you familiar with AOR FM radio in the late 70s and 80s, remember how when most other commercial radio stations were broadcasting either church services or some other public affairs programming to fulfill the governments public service requirements? Many Album Rock stations took this opportunity to run the truly bizzare or fun shows of the day. Shows like Dr. Demento… even music shows and album rock specials. Sunday mornings and evenings after 7pm were filled with some of the most memorable shows. This is no exception. Gord Johnson is your host for the Sunday Funnies. This aired Sunday evenings, followed by some Old-Time-Radio feature of police stories. Very entertaining indeed. This was how many AOR stations did things back then. The real serious public affairs programs ...

Ingrid Schumacher, CHUM-FM Toronto | November 29, 1980

Here’s a unique recording of 104.5 CHUM-FM from back in the days when the station was an Album Rocker. Ingrid Schumacher is listed on Rock Radio Scrapbook as being a weekend personality. She sounds very knowledgeable about the music and fits in well with the station’s overall sound. So good, in fact, by 2001, she was still at CHUM-FM in a full-time capacity. This was 1980. CHUM-FM was a true AOR station, with the format in it’s prime. It really sounds quite good. CHUM-FM had a wide playlist. Certainly worth a listen!