107.1 CILQ

Retro Friday Live from the Phoenix, 107.1 CILQ Toronto | July 14, 2000

Description by Steve West: Recorded late on a Friday night (10:45 to 11:30 pm), here’s a multi-faceted aircheck that begins with the number one song on “Toronto’s Most Wanted” countdown (Red Hot Chili Peppers’ – Californiacation) and flows through a night where the station is broadcasting live at a local night club. It’s also an A-Z Weekend as the Q-107 plays ‘Car Tunes’ to go along with Indy Weekend. All this hype and promotion kinda gets lost in the overlap but loyal fans likely knew what was what. Q-107 bills itself as “Pure Rock”. Of course, this is the Active Rock format, and it IS Canada, after all. (As a side note, Wikipedia, such as it is, references the format during this time as ‘Album Rock’. But even w...