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The End of an Era: The CFTR Story, Part 1 | June 4, 1993

For more than two decades, CFTR had been known for being one of TWO contemporary hit music stations in Toronto. The other was the legendary 1050 CHUM. CHUM moved away from Top 40 in 1986 in favor of an Adult Contemporary format, leaving CFTR alone as Toronto’s Top 40 station. It all came to an end on Monday, June 6, 1993 when CFTR became 680 News. Leading into the change, was a weekend countdown of the Top 500 songs of the past 25 years. There was a conspicuous lack of jocks this particular weekend. The countdown was simply voiced by someone unnamed, and there were promos running all weekend long for listeners to tune in Monday morning for the new News format. One promo even suggested listeners tune down the dial to AM 640, which by then, was doing a Rhythmic leaning CHR format! The ...

Dan Williamson, 680 CFTR Toronto | July 28, 1978

Date of Recording: 07.28.1978 Station: 680 CFTR Toronto, Ontario, Canada Featured Air Talent: Dan Williamson Contributor: Russ Horton Aircheck Entry: 1,440 Date of Contribution: 08.28.2016 12:03, time to shake that thing!… Comments: Courtesy of our biggest Canadian Contributor, Russ Horton, AKA Big Daddy (the head honcho up at D-Moos.com), we bring you another one-of-a-kind AM Top 40 classic! CFTR was the station John Records Landecker (WLS/WLS-FM Chicago) went to for a time in the 80s, and listening to this, you’ll understand why. CFTR, showcased here from 1978, has that sound; that excitement that the best AM Rockers had before burning themselves out and leaving everything to FM. The amazing thing is that while we down here in the United States (where airchexx.com hails from)...

Steve Shannon; First Show, 680 CFTR Toronto | June 23, 1973

Sometimes the best recordings come out of nowhere. Sent in by Contributor Daniel Coulombe (CKTS Sherbrooke), here’s the CFTR debut of longtime & legendary jock Steve Shannon. Its 1973 and this is seriously the hottest station in Canada during this time period. In fact, CFTR was arguably the most popular AM Top 40 station for almost 10 years. The station hung on as a music outlet until the plug was mercifully pulled in 1993, when CFTR went All-News. But so many fans will remember the days when the station sounded like this! Read more about CFTR Toronto HERE. If you enjoy airchecks such as this, please contribute!

680 CFTR Toronto – AM CHR- | August, 1988

Original Post Date: November 18, 2004 – You only need the two minutes spanning this sample of Toronto’s CFTR. It’s high-energy, late 80′s CHR at it’s finest… and in true Canadian style, on AM! Couple of quick trivia items. First, the CTRC, Canada’s version of USA’s FCC, licenses stations for FORMAT, unlike in America, where the company and marketplace dictate what format a station will air. So it was that up until the late 90s, the CTRC kept music alive on most of the country’s AM stations – many of which were in glorious, rich-sounding AM Stereo. Canada has since changed it’s policy on music formats in favor of largely abandoning the AM band, allowing most stations to shift their format over to FM, and in many cases shutting down their AM counterpart. But lookee here how this AM sta...