John Mack Flanagan, 1330 KHYT Tucson | March 3, 1969

Date of Recording: March 3, 1969 Station: 1330 KHYT Tucson Featured Air Talent: John Mack Flanagan Contributor: Bob Jones Aircheck Entry: 1,410 Comments: The Big 133 K-Hits has that distinct Drake sound! Perhaps much of the station’s success had to do with the John Flanagan show. Here’s John now, doing the format but also throwing in that personality that he was legendary for in later years. Would you believe, KHYT (AM) was a Daytime-Only station? It’s true! Since our comment feature doesn’t seem to be working, be sure to comment on our Airchexx facebook page HERE.

Holiday Sampler: Dido, on 93.7 KRQQ Tucson | December 23, 1995

Here’s the first of a few “Holiday Sampler” scopes we’ll post this year as we get ready for that time of year again! 93.7 KRQ is, in this recording, an Urban/Rhythmic-leaning CHR station. In fact, the station has been Top 40/CHR since 1977! I’m not sure of the exact year (1988 or 89), but under former Program Director Clarke Ingram, KRQ was once the highest rated Top 40 station in America! Ten Songs In A Row! Okay. Perhaps that was still a big deal in the mid-90s but today with streaming, YouTube and all that perhaps not as much. The morning show during this time was “Mojo and Betty in the Morning” And those of you who listened to KRQ a LONG time ago will remember the early 80’s vintage Holiday jingle, at 1:10 in! Perhaps you remember this st...

Jason Garrett on K-HIT 107.5 Tucson | 1996

Description by Contributor Jason Garrett… From 1994-1996, the parody show, “70’s Saturday Night with Jason Garrett; Live on the Polyester Radio Network” enjoyed strong ratings success on KVRY-Variety 104.7/Phoenix. In 1996, the station flipped formats back to its heritage KZZP calls. But it was not Garrett’s last dance in the 70s format. In June 1996, Garrett was hired for the midday shift at Slone Broadcasting’s (pre-Citadel) K-HIT 107.5/Tucson. The station (KHYT-FM) was new to the market with a mix of all 70s Hits from Donna Summer to 10CC. As heard in this scoped aircheck, Garrett’s presentation is mellow when compared to his CHR/Hip Hop days as “Kid Corona”on Jammin’ Z-90, KOY and KKFR; but his conversational style became a “listen at work” ratings winner in the Tucson metro. Jam...