1310 WTLB

“The Reed Thing”, 1310 WTLB Utica | December 4, 1972

Up now is a wonderfully restored 9 minutes of little 1310 WLTB. Upstate New York, it seems, was a hotbed of radio activity. Good sounding stations, too, as you’ll hear in this recording of what might sound, to one’s untrained ears, a little bit like the George Michael show on WABC. Fooled ya! We don’t know Mr. Reed’s real name but we sure like “The Reed Thing”! Includes an (almost) complete newscast. WTLB fan and Airchexx Contributor Mike Hotaling explained the success of WTLB this way: WTLB was a little signal station given to utica ny… Thomas L. Brown had nothing to loose in 1959… went to rock n roll to survive. The kids loved it, then when the small station was out billing the the bigger signals, WRUN went top 40. WTLB got crushed. In the ...