Roy Hennessey, 730 CKLG Vancouver BC | December 30, 1974

Date of Recording: December 30, 1974 Station: 730 CKLG Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Featured Air Talent: Roy Hennessey Contributor: Robyn Watts Aircheck Entry: 1,414 Comments: CKLG on 730 kHz traces its roots to 1958 when it moved to that frequency from 1070. It originally launched in 1955. CKLG, or, for a time in the 1970s, known as “LG-73” was a major top forty station with a 50,000 watt signal! It’s popularity declined as FM became the dominant music outlet. This high-powered format is best remembered right here. Roy Hennessey is the jock, and you can hear a lot of RKO-General-type elements to this approach, although the station had no ties to the American-based broadcaster. CKLG was owned and operated in 1973 by Moffat Broadcasting. We think you’ll enjoy ...

Bob Merchant; Ched Miller, 1410 CFUN Vancouver BC | 1978

Contributor Neal Bowden checks in with the first recording from him in what seems like several years! There’s something rather RKO-Esque about CFUN. Perhaps its the jingles, or maybe the way the jocks sound on the air. Who consulted CFUN in 1978? Well, this was smack in the middle of CFUN’s second Top 40 era, at a time where the station was probably at the top of its game. Sure sounds like it was. Clean, crisp audio, presented in a nine minute scope. That’s what you’ll find, listening to one of Canada’s most memorable AM Top 40 stations from the 1970s. 1410 Vancouver is now All-Sports CFTE.

Red Robinson Final Broadcast, 1130 CKWX Vancouver BC | November 12, 1984

CKWX & CFUN broadcasting legend Red Robinson retires after 30 years. This is full of surprise in studio and call in guests as the broadcast community of Western Canada and the Northwest US say farewell. Robinson was allowed to break format on this Country music station and play a lot of the 1950s music that he played when he began his broadcasting career in 1954 at CKWX.