Washington DC

Uncle Johnny, WRQX “Q107” Washington DC | December 26, 1983

Date of Recording: 12.26.1983 Station: 107.3 WRQX Washington DC, USA Format: Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) Featured Air Personality: “Uncle Johnny” Walker (WWCO/WRBQ-FM/WRQX/WZOU/WXXL/WSHE/WQJQ/WMGF/WSIG) Contributor: Robyn Watts Comments: Back to the day after Christmas, 1983 for a great, original recording of Uncle Johnny (WZOU) at play on Q107. Listen for plenty of overplayed CHR stiffs, like Shannon’s “Let The Music Play”, Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” and more… only the intros, gang, to keep us out of hot water with the copyright police. Unique, if not plastic sounding jingles, dead segues and the talent of Uncle Johnny… A real mix of music on a station that today blandly calls itself “Mix”. In so many ways, a breath ...

Beverly Fox, 94.7 WLTT Bethesda/Washington | 1984

Date of Recording: 1984 (Exact Date Unknown) Contributor: Tom Lacko Station: 94.7 WLTT Bethesda MD Featured Air Talent: Beverly Fox Aircheck Entry: 1,395 Comments: Another recording we received many years ago has waited this long to illustrate the longtime Soft AC format of the old W-Lite 94.7 WLTT. Beverly Fox is the soft voice you hear in between a few of the songs. Two decades ago when your webmaster was living in Annapolis MD, 94.7 flipped to one of the first “Classic Hits” formats, as “Arrow 94.7” under the call letters WARW.

Composite: 95.5 WPGC-FM Morningside | 1980-1981

Date(s) of Recording(s): Various Contributor(s):Matt Seinberg (Big Apple Airchecks); Lee Chambers (WPGC Tribute Site) Station: 95.5 WPGC-FM Morningside MD Featured Jock(s): Don Bishop, Max Wolf & Don Geronimo Aircheck Entry: #1,839 Comments: This Composite is actually four very short airchecks put together to form one decent composite representing the overall sound of WPGC in the early 80s before the station dropped Top 40 for Urban. Don Bishop is the first jock heard, his portion runs less than two minutes. Next, Max Wolf, who says two lines in about a minute, then two different recordings of Don Geronimo. The last two almost sound seamless, but you’ll figure it out when you hear Geronimo talking about getting up early, then playing two oldies! (and that’s how scary it go...

QuickChexx – Don Geronimo (First Show), WPGC AM & FM Morningside | Fall, 1979

Date of Recording (Approximately): Fall, 1979 Contributor(s):Lee Chambers (WPGC Tribute Site); Matt Seinberg (Big Apple Airchecks) Station(s): WPGC (AM) 1580 / WPGC-FM 95.5 Morningside, Maryland Format: Top 40 Featured Jock:Don Geronimo Aircheck Entry: #1,837 Comments: The file name reads “Don Geronimo’s First Show” – Well, we can only assume so, as this recording (which was mastered to a CD) came in short but at least made it intact and in high quality. Honestly, I’ve never heard an aircheck from Don Geronimo that I didn’t like. Funny, sometimes over-the-top and definitely a smart-ass, the Don Geronimo show, according to the write up on Lee Chambers’ WPGC Tribute Site (//amandfmmorningside.com), turned sagging ratings at WPGC around, and star...

QuickChexx: Waylon Richards, 95.5 WPGC-FM Morningside | February, 1979

Date of Recording (Approximately): February, 1979 Station: WPGC-FM 95.5 Morningside, Maryland Format: Top 40 Featured Jock: Waylon Richards Aircheck Entry: #1,836 Comments: Here is a very short recording of WPGC as heard during the night show when the AM was off the air. We’ve never heard of Waylon Richards before, but he sure does fit the format very well! This “QuickChexx” is part of a larger composite donated to airchexx by Big Apple Airchecks. Owner Matt Seinberg LOVES to trade tapes, and if you have something unique, by all means go to bigappleairchecks.com and see if there’s something you two could trade out.

Steve Michaels; Dan Mason, WPGC FM/AM Morningside MD | November 1978 and December 23, 1978

Date(s) of Recording: November, 1978 & December 23, 1978 Station(s): 1580 WPGC & 95.5 WPGC-FM City of License: Morningside MD, serving Metro Washington DC Format: Top 40 Featured Jock(s): Steve Michaels, Dan Mason Contributor(s): Big Apple Airchecks Lee Chambers Aircheck Entry: 1,383 WPGC FM and AM Morningside! Hello, just after Twelve Noon with Dan Mason and a Blues Brothers album on the way… Comments: Dan Mason – Isn’t he the former CEO, President, etc., of CBS Radio? Well, yes, we sure think so! (Someone out there knows for sure). And here you see how well he fit in to the overall exciting sound of WPGC FM and AM! This is an important aircheck for a number of reasons. Even though this was the Washington DC market, the year was STILL 1978! One could argue that...

Bob Duckman (The Duck), 97.1 WASH-FM Washington, DC | 1979

Date of Recording: 1979 (Exact date unknown) Station: 97.1 WASH-FM City of License: Washington, DC Format: Adult Contemporary Featured Jock: Bob Duckman (“The Duck”) Other Personalities: Mike Anders – News Contributor(s): Big Apple Airchecks (BAA) Lee Chambers (The WPGC Tribute Site) Aircheck Entry #1,382 If You See Ralph Forrester, you tell Ralph to have a Happy Day! Comments: Looking back to a cold Winter day in early 1979, “The Duck”, as Bob Duckman calls himself is the show’s anchor on a WASH-FM 97.1 Weekend. A few things to note with this aircheck: First off, while this is solidly Adult Contemporary (AC), this is toward the end of the Disco era and some of the music that fits Wash-FM’s format are big Disco hits. Note the Bee Gees’ “...

Eddy Gallagher, 97.1 WASH-FM Washington DC | Winter, 1979

Courtesy of our largest Contributor (so far), Big Apple Airchecks, here’s something people likely haven’t heard in a very long time. 97.1 WASH-FM has been doing Soft Rock, or, more properly, “Adult Contemporary” for a very long time and we look back now to the Winter of 1979 for this clip. Thinking the month of February here, because on the master tape this came from, the next cut is another WASH-FM from the same time period and features a spot for ‘Valentines Day’. You’ll hear that one shortly. The Morning Man here is Eddy Gallagher. We don’t know anything about him, but surely some of our visitors do – and that’s where you come in. Be sure to comment below the aircheck player (be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page!). Whil...

Sample: WWDC Washington DC | July 15, 1999

Here’s a sample of “DC-101” from the Summer of ’99. Notice the format is current based, and right in the middle of the Rock Genre, with plenty of classics. There were harder rocking stations, such as Baltimore’s WIYY “98 Rock”, and true-Alternative formats such as 99-HFS, but DC 101 straddled the fence and played it all. Here’s a short sample, commercials included. Illustrating just how long ago 1999 was, when was the last time you could buy a Big Mac at McDonald’s for $2.99? That’s why we leave the commercial breaks intact! Aircheck #1,373 since May 2, 2002

Chris Roth, WRQX Washington DC | July 18, 1999

Usually, just a few weeks before Christmas, we’re all thinking about snow and cold, but sometimes its nice to remember Summer’s heat! Going back 16 1/2 years as of this writing, here’s the first aircheck featuring weekend guy Chris Roth. Weekends are more music intensive, and you’ll hear what was being played on WRQX, which at this time was owned by ABC Radio, before they became part of the Walt Disney radio empire. While this is scoped for legal purposes, the commercial breaks are left intact. Why? Well, in normal radio listening, people would rather tune out the commercials and just hear the music, but because we’re a museum, the commercials are appropriate to leave in, as they are all date-specific. It helps put you, the listener, back into your time machin...

Sample: 99.5 WGAY (Silver Spring, MD) Washington DC | July 4, 1997

A crystal clear recording is what we’re treated to on the old Soft Rock station at 99.5 FM. One would think that since 1997 was just yesterday (wasn’t it?) that one of the old WGAY logos would be out there somewhere, but multiple searches in different engines come up with the current CHR station, “Hot 99.5” WIHT. WGAY would stick with it’s Soft Rock format until 1999, when it became WJMO. Aircheck #1,272 Since May 2, 2002!

The Terry Knight Show on WEAM 1390 Arlington VA | January 1964

Here’s one that will make you go WOW!… Terry Knight on WEAM! Thanks to comments from those who were there, we can post some corrections and updates. WEAM was 5,000 watts 24/7, whereas it’s competitor, WPGC was 10,000 watts. But WPGC was daytime only. John Guntner (below) writes: Terry Knight was Jack Fisher renamed by station manager Harry Averill. Jack apparently lives in Roanoake, VA, and you can read up on is whereabouts at the WROV tribute site, //www.wrovhistory.com/ Read more comments about WEAM below. Apparently pulled right off the master reel, this comes to you in stunning audio quality for such an old aircheck. Runs about 5 minutes.