107.3 WRQX

Chris Roth, WRQX Washington DC | July 18, 1999

Usually, just a few weeks before Christmas, we’re all thinking about snow and cold, but sometimes its nice to remember Summer’s heat! Going back 16 1/2 years as of this writing, here’s the first aircheck featuring weekend guy Chris Roth. Weekends are more music intensive, and you’ll hear what was being played on WRQX, which at this time was owned by ABC Radio, before they became part of the Walt Disney radio empire. While this is scoped for legal purposes, the commercial breaks are left intact. Why? Well, in normal radio listening, people would rather tune out the commercials and just hear the music, but because we’re a museum, the commercials are appropriate to leave in, as they are all date-specific. It helps put you, the listener, back into your time machin...

Washington DC CHR Wars: WAVA, WRQX & WPGC | May 1990

Back to the incredibly fabulous and huge Robyn Watts collection for this OUTSTANDING 30 minute composite comparing morning shows in the DC area! This starts out with Don & Mike’s morning show on WAVA and moves on to Q-107 and WPGC-FM, then cycles through those same stations in order again later in the broadcast day. It sounds great, the audio is crisp, and it’s just wonderful! So listen, dang it!

Dude Walker, WRQX “MusicRadio” Q107 Washington DC | April 27, 1979

The hot phrase in Top 40 radio at the end of the 70s had to be MusicRadio. At this point in it’s history, 107.3 FM in Washington DC was Top 40 as WRQX. Known as “Q107”, the air staff called it at times, “The New Q107”, “MusicRadio Q107” or just “Q107”. Despite the three rotating monnikers, it worked and Q107 became a very successful Top 40/CHR station as the station subsequently moved into the 1980s. This is a great recording of Dude Walker, who is right in the middle of a very LONG commercial-free set (going on three hours commercial free by the end of this aircheck). This means that without any jingles or commercials, its ALL Dude Walker and a stack of teeny bopper records! Neatly scoped from one hour down to just over six minutes by ...