97.1 WASH-FM

Scott Brady & Randy Martin, “WASH at Work” – 97.1 WASH-FM Washington DC | July 19, 1999

  Description by Steve West: A mainstay of Washington area radio, WASH-FM has been Adult Contemporary for as long as anyone can remember – 1975, I think (someone out there knows). I’m sure there are people who remember the beginnings of WASH-FM as a Classical station, but there’s no better branding than longevity! Aside from a couple of years in the early 80s when the station tried to do a CHR format (which didn’t work at all – WASH-FM couldn’t compete with WPGC), the station has aired some form of Soft Rock since breaking away from Classical music. Featured here, first, is Scott Brady. You hear a couple of breaks, then Randy Martin comes in at 2pm to start the Afternoon Drive. Lots of jingles, very melodic (and we LOVE the Top of Hour ID Jingle), a...

Bob Duckman (The Duck), 97.1 WASH-FM Washington, DC | 1979

Date of Recording: 1979 (Exact date unknown) Station: 97.1 WASH-FM City of License: Washington, DC Format: Adult Contemporary Featured Jock: Bob Duckman (“The Duck”) Other Personalities: Mike Anders – News Contributor(s): Big Apple Airchecks (BAA) Lee Chambers (The WPGC Tribute Site) Aircheck Entry #1,382 If You See Ralph Forrester, you tell Ralph to have a Happy Day! Comments: Looking back to a cold Winter day in early 1979, “The Duck”, as Bob Duckman calls himself is the show’s anchor on a WASH-FM 97.1 Weekend. A few things to note with this aircheck: First off, while this is solidly Adult Contemporary (AC), this is toward the end of the Disco era and some of the music that fits Wash-FM’s format are big Disco hits. Note the Bee Gees’ “...

Eddy Gallagher, 97.1 WASH-FM Washington DC | Winter, 1979

Courtesy of our largest Contributor (so far), Big Apple Airchecks, here’s something people likely haven’t heard in a very long time. 97.1 WASH-FM has been doing Soft Rock, or, more properly, “Adult Contemporary” for a very long time and we look back now to the Winter of 1979 for this clip. Thinking the month of February here, because on the master tape this came from, the next cut is another WASH-FM from the same time period and features a spot for ‘Valentines Day’. You’ll hear that one shortly. The Morning Man here is Eddy Gallagher. We don’t know anything about him, but surely some of our visitors do – and that’s where you come in. Be sure to comment below the aircheck player (be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page!). Whil...

Tanner In The Morning, 97 WASH-FM Washington DC | September 1, 1983

Courtesy of Big Apple Airchecks, this is a near perfect recording of Soft AC WASH-FM. There is far more news and information on this program than music, making this format closer to ‘Full Service’ than anything else. There are two full newscasts here, the first starting a minute into this aircheck. Traffic reports are live via helicopter sponsored by WNJ Sloan. There is a morning topic – Tanner is taking calls based upon the morning commentary about Washington ‘street people’, and these calls sound like they are being aired live as opposed to pre-recorded. There are two full sportscasts done by Joe Zanga. WASH-FM is using AccuWeather, and Elliot Abrams sounds quite young here in 1983! He’s still with AccuWeather as of this writing.