104.3 KXME Honolulu – “Extreme Radio @ 104.3” | February, 1998

A Rock-Leaning CHR aimed at men? That’s what this was all about. Jerry Clifton had in mind to take KXME in a Rock/Rap direction, hoping to build on ratings. It didn’t work, and six months later, 104.3 went the other direction, and turned into a Rhythmic CHR aimed at a much younger, female audience. This was tried elsewhere. Three different markets, namely Phoenix at KPTY (posted here at airchexx), and in Baltimore at 102.7, where the format also didn’t quite work out. Sometimes new formats are born, yet never take hold. This is just another example.

A Scott Lowe Special: “The Chucker Revolution” | Winter 2009

New Contributor Scott Lowe checks in with a fantastic interview with Chuck Kirr, aka “The Chucker”. As you know, we’ve partnered with BigAppleAirchecks often in the past, and interestingly enough, Mr. Lowe contacted US about posting this great piece of work himself: I recently interviewed “Chucker” (formerly from WKBW, WFUN, WTIX + others) and assembled a fast paced 45 minute audio documentary that combines the Q&A with sample airchecks from each station he was at. I put the whole thing together with special thanks to Matt Seinberg, for access to the master reels that belonged to Chucker. What you will hear is simply a wonderful piece of work. Scott Lowe describes this interview: “The Chucker Revolution” In the 70’s, Chucker’s career stops inc...

Format Change: 96.1 flips from WKJI “K-JOY” Center Moriches, NY Simulcast to WJVC “My Country 96.1”

Its been a long-awaited event in this part of New York, where Country actually can be heard on FM, but as was announced on our sister site, radioinsight.com, JVC broadcasting launched a new Country format on 96.1 at the stroke of Midnight, January 19, 2011. The change had been slated for 12pm on January 18th, but bad weather forced the flip to be pushed back by 12 hours. The change was very low key. No announcements beforehand on-air. Simply the normal “John Tesh Radio Show” until just before Midnight, a 5 minute stop-set, a final ‘Legal ID’ as WKJI, then a full :30 seconds of silence. Country then began as a Legal ID of WJVC, and combined sweeper announcing one thousand songs in a row, commercial free. Here is the flip, including the last half hour or so of the K-J...

“Wes in the Morning” – WHLI 1100 AM Hempstead, NY | Winter, 1976

“Eleven Dollars in the EZ Money Jackpot, Twenty Dollars in the Bumper Jackpot…” A $20 jackpot!!! Wow! 1976 really WAS a long time ago! Now, courtesy of BigAppleAirchecks.com, here’s ‘Wes in the Morning’ on a very MOR-ish WHLI. It’s the Bicentennial year of 1976 and it’s certainly cold out on Long Island (It’s cold in HERE as we post this!) on this particular morning. Mr. West, is quite a personality. You’ll like this very live and local station, featuring all the elements you’d expect from a Middle-of-the-Road station of the time, plus (infrequently used) JAM jingle cuts! (You hear ONE) VERY nice! We’ll just look to our visitors for more information on this wonderful aircheck!

“Today’s 93.1 FM” WPAT Patterson NJ | Late 1980s

Contributor Ray Bozzanca sent this in some time ago. The source recording was obviously made for someone wanting the music only, as the tape was a 40 minute reverse-scope with most of the deejay talk and imaging removed… but what remains of this station’s identity is presented here. This is from a short period in the history of WPAT-FM, which at the time was still an AM/FM simulcast. WPAT had then recently gone soft AC out of a longtime Beautiful Music format, and was programming to New York City proper, from its signal in New Jersey. Later in the 90s, WPAT AM and FM would each get separate Spanish Formats and leave the English language audience permanently. Runs 3:30, Scoped.

“Real Country” 1580 AM KCWW Tempe AZ | 1996

Don’t ask where we get some of these obscure airchecks, some of these are from stations that aren’t around anymore and weren’t memorable enough even for basic mentions on the web. We had to do some digging to figure out that this station apparently WAS airing the syndicated Real Country format in 1996 under the call letters KCWW. On air, it was simply referred to as KCW. Wikipedia apparently has the call letter timeline wrong, listing 1580 as KNIX during this period (Listeners feel free to post corrections in the comment section) 1580 in Tempe has been part of Walt Disney, Inc., airing it’s syndicated “Radio Disney” format since 1998 under the call letters KMIK