Chip Hobart, 68 WRKO Boston | Winter, 1972


The first of three airchecks in a row from this one particular tape finds Chip Hobart (CKLW Windsor/Detroit) the laid back, prominent feature on WRKO. In the Winter of ’72, WRKO was long past the Bill Drake influence and was yet to push the “Q” shotgun format being tried at RKO General’s stations in California. So this is an attempt at an Album Rock format on AM Radio.

Contributor Steve Bleecker writes about Chip:

The thing about Hobart that I find most fascinating is this: When he was at CKLW just before being tapped to “Come to Boston”…He was CHUCK Hobart…and he was Smooth as Silk on The Big 8…one of their Best ever…fitting that format (“CKLW…10:38 Daylight Time with More …CKLW SOLID GOLD !…) in the tradition of the Great Boss Jocks! However when hit The airwaves in New England as CHIP Hobart on WRKO, he had Completely transformed himself “overnight”, into this on air “Cool Cat” …and, because, as he later told us when he Visited our College Station, WVAC, his main Goal and Urgent Ambition was to be The Pied Piper of “The MESSAGE in the MUSIC”…and no one else, that I’m aware of, was offering up the kind of Poetic Justice …that unique and most intensely passionate Delivery that was The Essence of the NEW CHIP…he was so incredibly Hip!

Editor’s note: Hobart, according to THIS aircheck, would have fit in exceptionally well across town at WVBF, but who knew what direction audiences were going in ’72?


Credits gratefully acknowledges the contributions of Steve Bleecker in donating this high quality recording. Thanks also to Andy Kitchen and Henry Frick for their roles in bringing this wonderful recording to our archives, so that all may enjoy and remember how radio was, and how it should be. Thank you.

Contributor Steve Bleecker writes:

“I need to Publicly say “Thanks Much” to Mr. Henry Frick, who is now retired, and living with his wife of many years, in Ft. Worth Texas. Before his long and Successful Career in Railroading…Henry and I were Curry College Buddies in Milton, Mass., and so many of the tapes I now have been able to share were given to me many years ago…and were painstakingly recorded by Henry, either while he was at school, in Milton, or in Greenwich, Conn., at his parent’s home. So…we are so Very Grateful, Henry ! Thank You !”


  1. Steve Bleecker

    GREAT to now have this in my “archives”…talk about “Solid Gold” ! I’ve just informed Chip about this Clip…so, I’ll be very interested to watch for HIS “Comments” regarding not only THIS aircheck…but… ALL Chip Hobart airchecks to follow…2 more, soon to be posted !
    And, per usual…Thanks to Mr. West, for “Recognizing” some of the Very Best…for The World to Discover !

  2. lou

    Jeesh, I think I recongnize TWO song from this whole aircheck! (Jackson Brown “Doctor My Eyes” and David Bowie, “Changes”.)

    Was this the year that WMEX beat WRKO?

    I would think so!

  3. Don Beno

    I like this aircheck. What was progressive rock for the time surrounded with jingles and a jock talking over the intros (not screaming). Nice pacing and neat selection of songs.

  4. Lou

    Anyone have the CKLW airchecks of Chip?

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