Chuck Chandler, 630 CHED Edmonton, Alberta | February 14, 1979

630 Edmonton CHED
Chuck Chandler
Chuck Chandler with John Lennon & Yoko Ono

Recording Date: 02.14.1979
Station: 630 CHED Edmonton, Alberta (Wikipedia) (History of Canadian Broadcasting) (Website)
Format: (Then) Top 40 (Now) News/Talk/Sports
Ownership: Corus Entertainment
Featured Air Personality: Chuck “The Chucker” Chandler
Contributor: Russ Horton
Total Time: 9:34 (Telescoped)



…You can make me do anything that you want


Curator’s Notes:

Just a few interesting tidbits of information regarding this aircheck. The jock heard on this recording goes by the name, “The Chucker”, but he is not related to Chuck Browning, rather, his name is Chuck Chandler. 630 CHED has the distinction of being the most listened to Top 40 station ever, in North America. At the height of it’s popularity, CHED had a 40 share of the Edmonton listening audience!

CHED Announced that it would be broadcasting in AM Stereo, utilizing the Khan system. This recording, however, is in Stereo, despite being recorded in 1979. Is it possible that the station was experimenting in AM stereo as early as ’79, or did they actually start then, but waited till there were a few receivers on the market to announce in?

There is a bit of distortion on this aircheck, likely due to the input volume set too high. It’s not bad, but it may be slightly irritating to some listeners.

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