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Announcing a new service: Aircheck Restoral.

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Steve West
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Hi everyone.  For over 20 years I've been editing airchecks to post on this website, by taking all the music OUT of the tapes people send in.  Now, since it seems most jocks have boxes of scoped aircheck tapes from radio station skimmer machines, I'm announcing a new service.   Tape restoral.  I'll take your aircheck tapes, clean them up and reinsert the music back IN to those airchecks!  These would make great gifts for a former jock, or it would be nice to have to just play in the car or in a home mp3 player.  

Restored aircheck tapes will not be posted to airchexx at this time, however, if revenue is sufficient to pay the royalty fees, I may add a premium section to where visitors can go to hear unscoped full-length recordings, the way they sounded when the shows were first aired.  Premium, meaning it would be a subscription service.   Any interest, please comment below. 

Contact me for more details.

Steve West