Composite: 1090 KING Seattle | 1977

Contributor Mike Donovan sent in a package a few years ago that we’re still posting from. Here’s a 5 minute scope of what was evidently a station demo. The file we saved back when we got this included other Seattle-area radio stations which will post on this site shortly.

We get to hear three superb jocks here, along with a generous dose of station jingles from TM Century’s “You” package which RKO General made substantial use of at 93/KHJ Los Angeles and 68 WRKO Boston, along with other stations around the U.S. First off, our first recording featuring Rob Conrad. Anyone know him? You’ll hear a couple of breaks, then Dan Foley. He’s another guy I’ve never heard before but he fits right in! The recording ends with Andy Barber, whom we have featured at KTNQ “Ten-Q” Los Angeles (which you can hear via this link)

After listening to this, you have to ask yourself: Why didn’t this station bury crosstown KJR? Somebody knows the answer.



    The jingles are from TM Productions not TM Century.

    TM Century didn’t come about until August 1990.

    • Well… thanks for the correction even if it is picking nits. But you got the idea.

  2. Bryan Simmons

    I was a big fan of KING Broadcasting. I first heard a few of these same jocks years ago on American Airchexx Magazine. They reminded me of KFRC here. KING’s sister station in Portland had a great sound as well and for a time was programmed by Mike Phillips.They all had great pipes and smooth deliveries. I really enjoyed this.

  3. Jay Philpott

    This composite actually is the one originally presented on American Air Chexx #10 “Sonic Seattle” (Sept. 24, 1976). That issue also featured composites of KISW (as “FM100”), KJR and KZOK (as “OK 102 1/2).

    • Thanks, Jay! I had a feeling this was from a publication of sorts. Well, these are valid presentations on our site, I just wish that the contributor had identified the original source. An old tape with no label and scribbly writing can be hard to figure out sometimes!

  4. Mike Donovan

    Oops! I’m the guilty contributor here, Steve. You really did nail the cause. I have so many of these on random cassettes (like this one) – and even many on reel-to-reel that I haven’t listened to in YEARS! I had no idea when I sent this that it was from the old AA series. But that’s no excuse because I actually have the entire AA series and didn’t know this was from the Seattle tape. Some airchecks are on 10 different tapes. Can anybody else relate? Anyway, my apologies. Keep up the good work here!

  5. Jeff Chase

    This composite shows the amazing sound of KING when they were really kicking it! I actually had the honor of doing mornings with Andy Barber on his return to Seattle in 1986 on KHIT 107. But KING was always trying to “catch” KJR, despite how tight, bright and truly amazing they were. Andy Barber, wow! He blew it away then, and we had a gas at KHIT!

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