Thanks to our many site contributors, we’ve grown to be the second-largest aircheck site on the web. But, to grow further, we need more material from our audience.

Some of you probably have some old tapes lying around in the attic somewhere. Sure, most of us didn’t have the time to record some radio station. Others, for whatever reason, recorded a bit of their favorite station – maybe to hear their favorite song. Whatever. Surely, those who did never thought that one day they would be a slice of history.

That’s where we come in. grows by the contributions of tapes & cds from the people who recorded radio stations, and those collectors who wish to donate a few audio tidbits to our site. We then post them in our own custom audio player so everyone can hear what radio sounded like “back in the day”.

So, if you have something you’d like to contribute, we’d love to hear from you. Big stations or small, we’ll take them all.

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