Dan Ingram, 77 WABC New York | July 22, 1967

770 New York WABC WJZ MusicRadio 77

Courtesy of Steven Green, here’s a long-awaited brand new Dan Ingram recording from the heyday of the greatest Top 40 Station of All Time!

One of the clearest recordings of WABC from this era, Big Dan is outrageous and as always, on top of his game! This had to have been recorded onto reel before encoding to mp3 by our Contributor due to the outstanding quality.

This recording has been left essentially intact. Runs an hour and a half, and has one splice in the middle. There are really no words to describe this, from an era that many consider the time that WABC was at its peak, with something like 2/3rds of the audience tuned in at certain times. Just listen!

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  1. Rob Farella

    Thanks for this great recording! Brings back great memories of the summer of ’67 before entering Junior High in the NYC metro area. Nice to hear it without editing.

  2. Mike H

    Incredible quality on this recording. It actually sounds better now than when I used to listen to Dan on my car radio, driving around Poughkeepsie, NY, way back then. It always used to crack me up Dan would add his own comments in the background when commercials were playing, and sure enough, he’s doing it on this tape! He was the best and made it sound so easy.

  3. Incomparable! When I was on the air in Albany, NY (WTRY) I listened to Dan every day. He made me a better jock just by listening to his enthusiasm, his sense of humor, his quickness, and his consistency. I think he was the best top 40 jock EVER! Thanks, Dan!

  4. David

    I was about to say, “This either was recorded off the board (therefore no processing) or it was recorded from WABC-FM (hence, in either case, no reverb),” but at about 1:06, the reverb comes on. That or it was on WABC-FM and whoever taped it off the radio switched it to WABC-*AM*. (I believe they still simulcast during certain hours of the day in 1967?)

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