Don Geronimo in the Morning on WBBM B96 Chicago | 1984

96.3 Chicago, WBBM-FM

This next series of airchecks is courtesy of our old friend Matt @ Big Apple Airchecks. Look him up online if you’re willin’ to make a deal, pardner…

Here’s DG on the ‘Bee’… and he sounds incredible here. Perhaps it was the processing that lowered his pipes an octive! Geronimo is heard elsewhere here at, on WLS, WPGC, WAVA and more. Simply click on his name at right.



  1. Jason

    Actually, scroll down to see more DG offerings…

  2. DG On The Bee? I Just Got Only 1ne Way To Say And That’s “Play That Funky Music Weirdo/White Boy!” From Of The Lyrics & Cuts To TM’s Airpower Plus Demo.

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