Don Geronimo on WPGC Washington DC | 1980

95.5 FM Morningside MD Washington DC Musicradio Don Geronimo Tom Kent Lou Katz John Dowling WPGC

WPGC today is an Urban station, but back in 1980 it was a very hot top 40 station… and on FM no less! Here, Don Geronimo sounds great, after a stint in New York on 99X. He would later end up at WAVA, along with the likes of Tom Kent and Chris Taylor, among others.


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  1. Travis

    This ‘check is actually from March 1980… just a few days after he was hired there.

  2. largelee

    It is actually from 3/19/80. Don Geronimo began at WPGC the previous Fall in 1979 however.

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