Frank Reed & Kidd Curry on 96X WMJX Miami | March 1977

Frank Reed & Kidd Curry on 96X WMJX Miami | March 1977

WMJX 96X Miami – Frank Reed / Kidd Curry – March 1977

From The Dave Freeman Collection

In the early 1970s, the 96.3 FM signal in Miami, was home to a successful Top 40 station, known as 96 WMYQ. on October 1st, 1975, the station became 96X WMJX . The station chugged along unti April 1979, when the station briefly flipped to Disco 96, an all-disco format. By November, the station returned to it’s Top 40 roots.

Through most of it’s time on air, WMJX was fighting to keep it’s license. The station had violated FCC rules, by running a misleading contest, false news, and misleading advertising. WMJX eventually lost its license, and signed off on February 15th, 1981. The last song played before sign-off was “The Long And Winding Road” by the Beatles. The last words, tearfully spoken on-air by the DJ, Stuart Elliott were “96X..Is WMJX, Miami” The 96.3 frequency remained silent until June 15, 1985, when the station was brought back on the air under new ownership.

This aircheck features Frank Reed, middays on 96X, before going to WNBC New York, and also features Kidd Curry. -Ellis


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