George Klein, 56 WHBQ Memphis | Spring, 1973

560 Memphis WHBQ Rob Grayson Chris Curtis George Kline Jack Parnell

George Klein, by 1973, was known nationally, and internationally, as Elvis Presley’s best friend. Aside from allegations of payola that circled around Kline, he never was directly accused. And this is good.

One of the most influential Memphis Jocks and programmers in the 60s/70s, Klein certainly had his connections in Graceland. And he spent lots of time on the air at WHBQ. In later years, Klein would find himself in the fold with his Elvis show at (then Barnstable) Memphis Radio Group’s WSRR “Star 98.1”, which turned into The Cat… all these incarnations of classic hits, the latter programmed by California’s legendary Rich Brother Robbin. I said all that to lead into a great aircheck from a station in a time period which influenced everything that came after it.

This is RKO General’s station in Memphis, at its best! The creative 70s are in full swing, but WHBQ is still using its 1960s jingles. The Bill Drake era is over but so many on air habits remain. We think you’ll just LOVE this five minute scope of the legendary George Klein. Wait… I think I see Elvis…

560 Memphis WHBQ Rob Grayson Chris Curtis George Kline Jack Parnell


  1. I remember the G-KER in your SPEAKER!! Loved to listen to him each afternoon,,Put so much energy into each days show’s..Oh, I liked his show, Talent Party each Saturday on WHBQ TV..My favorite part of the show was when he would have one pf the Q Jock’s on to read the Big 30 Hit’s on that weeks Survey..I always wanted to see what the DJ looked like..Oh,and the days of WHBQ’S 20/20 News with Sid Leake and Marvin Easley…A truly great radio station !!!

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