Howard Hoffman on 106 KMEL San Francisco | Early 90’s

106.1 FM San Francisco KMEL

While the date is unknown, I’m gonna chance a guess here at sometime around 1990 or so. One of our listeners will know for sure.

Here’s Howard Hoffman. Known as a pretty wacky personality on the east coast (look for him here at from WPRO-FM, WPIX-FM & WABC), he’s a *bit* more subdued here at KMEL. Hoffman is himself but listeners will notice the latter day liner-card reader mentality showing up on this station. Most jocks it fits, but it does NOT sound like Howard Hoffman when he’s obviously reading verbatim. We know better. Hoffman is an incredible talent!

Overall, this is a good aircheck. The station sounds hot and Hoffman sure is having fun like usual. But 90s radio isn’t 70s radio, and it shows. Today, KMEL lives on as a Hip-Hop station.

KMEL Today!


  1. Hi Steve,

    This was definitely from April of 1986. KMEL was still Mainstream CHR, but would start transitioning more toward Dance by the end of the year. Howard would leave for mornings at KHIT/Seattle at the end of 1986.


    • & Then To New York To Do A Morning Show With Stephanie Miller On WQHT Right?

  2. Jim

    Apologies to the moderator/admins if this crosses any boundaries; There is both a jingle package demo and an August 1986 KMEL air check on The elements in both airchecks varify the accuracy of the above comment.

  3. MGD4Ever

    wow, Howard is really subdued on this aircheck. I used to listen to him on WABC and he was a maniac. Every time I thought he would capitalize on something in this aircheck like a suggestive song title or something, he wouldn’t do anything at all. I can only imagine that it must have killed him to have to hold back like that. 1986 was still a good year for personality-driven CHR so I wonder why the station didn’t allow him to use his tremendous talent to its full potential.

  4. Esther Levy

    Howard, my irrepressible talented high school buddy with the wonderful voice, please email me–I’ve tried in vain to follow your career and locate you to drag you to a Suffern High reunion, but you are most elusive ever since you’ve been a celebrity! My, you have certainly aged well! So have I, ha ha! Please write and let’s catch up. Esther

    • Hi Vaughn,

      Yes, all of the jingles were from KMEL’s custom TM jingle package “Rock Solid”. IIRC, KMEL used that package through 1986 until 87, when the jingles were phased out altogether, although the morning show cuts lasted until the early 90s.

      “Rock Solid” was not one of my favorites from TM as I’ve liked the JAM cuts from “Outstanding” and “Hot KIIS” that KMEL was using when they went Top 40 much more.


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