Jerry Blavat “The Geater” on 1310 WSSJ Camden (Philadelphia) | December 23 1996

Jerry Blavat “The Geater” on 1310 WSSJ Camden (Philadelphia) | December 23 1996

WSSJ 1310 Camden (Philadelphia) – Jerry Blavat – The Geater – December 23 1996

From the Steven Green Collection

Since 1961 “The Geator” has done radio his way, playing a different kind of music, different from what was playing in other cities and even from what other DJs were playing in Philadelphia. Over the years that approach has made him a local Philly celebrity, and has kept him on the air and has filled his clubs for decades.

He got his start on January 15, 1961. Scheduled for an hour broadcast on WCAM from a local club, a snowstorm shut down the club and the city. Jerry made his way to the WCAM studio in Camden with the rock & roll records he had danced to as a teenager and played them on the air as the snow fell. Kids started phoning in. No one else could make it to the studio, so Blavat played his favorites, rapped and reminisced all night until relief arrived in the morning. The station’s general manager proclaimed it a smash. Blavat began broadcasting regularly, first from 1310 WCAM and later from 1340 WHAT.

Later in the 1960s, Jerry hosted a TV dance show called “The Discophonic Scene.” He Also spent time on air at WFIL, WCAU-FM, & WIBG. Jerry moved to “Philly Gold Radio” WPGR 1540AM, which became “Geator Gold Radio” in April 1992. Following the demise of WPGR in 1995, Jerry brought Geator Gold Radio to 1310 WSSJ in Camden, which is what you will hear on this aircheck. -Ellis


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