Jim Horne, WPIX 102 (101.9) New York | January 1, 1973

Restored from a muddy cassette recorded on New Year’s Day, 1973, here’s Jim Horne doing a countdown of the top ten songs from the previous year 1972. Its surprising that this tape held up at all over the years, but it was stored in a good place by contributor Frank Davis.


  1. Jeff Levine

    Cool aircheck. Any idea what #1 was (it ends at #2). My guess” Alone Again???

  2. Ed Salamon

    I worked with Jim Horne at KDKA Pittsburgh before he went to WPIX to join Neil McInyre, another former KDKA collegue. When Jim came to KDKA, he was an extrordinarily creative air talent. As the station became more formatted, I believe he got more frustrated.
    I always get a kick seeing him pop up in movies or commercials or hearing his voice on Letterman’s skits.

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