560 WFIL,Philadelphia Jim O’Brien, Dan Donovan, 56 WFIL Philadelphia | January 24, 1977

Jim O’Brien, Dan Donovan, 56 WFIL Philadelphia | January 24, 1977

560 Philadelphia WFIL

Big Apple Airchecks Matt Seinberg New York TradersStill technically a Top 40 station, WFIL has a one man morning show and plays everything – Some golden oldies thrown in which go back to the 60s, and lots of current hits, disco included. This is a wonderful glimpse of how WFIL sounded just before throwing in the towel and moving to an Adult Contemporary format later in 1977.

Can you identify the jingle package in use? There’s a generous amount on the air at this point in time, even a cut for the Philadelphia Flyers NHL team!

Glenn Barton is the newsman and Jim O’Brien is the lone morning guy, in the days before two or more people were common in morning drive. O’Brien does weather breaks, sports updates… just about everything. AM Top 40 fans will liken this to Harry Harrison’s morning show on WABC just up the NJ Turnpike… and speaking of, you’ll hear Dan Ingram voice a spot at about 6:30 into this aircheck.

Don’t forget to get your copy of WFIL “Killer Gold”. On sale at a store near you. Or at least it WAS, in 1977. Presumably, this was a K-Tel release, but perhaps someone knows.

At 9 minutes in, you’ll hear the great Dan Donovan, who was legendary at WFIL! This jumps from morning drive to the 5pm hour for some odd reason. The afternoon Newsguy is Jim Walsh. Unfortunately, the news is scoped out, but you hear the news sounder

There is a hint of reverb, which may have been more pronounced heard live instead of a worn out tape as we have here. This is a FUN aircheck, that you don’t want to miss hearing.

Courtesy of Big Apple Airchecks!

560 Philadelphia WFIL

2 thoughts on “Jim O’Brien, Dan Donovan, 56 WFIL Philadelphia | January 24, 1977”

  1. “Killer Gold” was one of the WFIL albums they did once per hour from Lost Nite records in Philadelphia. They were kind of like the K-Tel stuff. I have them in my collection.

    Jingles were “The Philadelphia Story” from PAMS. Including the shouts they use.The package was first used on WFIL on 1972.

    Jim O’Brien is Peri Gilpin’s dad. She played “Roz” on the “Frasier” TV show. The older she gets, the more she looks like her dad. He would be very proud.

    I met Jim in 1983 when I worked in Philadelphia. A very nice guy & TRUE professional. Jim was only doing news on sister station WPVI back then. We lost Jim in September (?) 1983 in a skydiving accident.

  2. I hear Mike Dineen doing the first spot on this aircheck about Disney and he does the KILLER GOLD spot on here also. I sent his aircheck at WQXI from 1969 to Steve and he has it posted here on AIRCHEXX.COM. I’m going to check with Randy Robins and see if Randy was also there at WFIL in January of 1977. Randy and I have lunch together from time to time. Another WQXI Alum – Brother Lee Love worked here at WFIL close to this time also.


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