John H., 1510 WMEX Boston | June 17, 1971

1510 Boston WMEX

John Garabedian
Photo courtesy of Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame
Donated a while back by Contributor Daniel Coulombe, this is tough to listen to. We wish the audio quality was better, but sadly, its obvious that while quite good in some places, in others this suffers from dropouts due to tape wear… and this might possibly be a problem of too many tape dubs. Not sure where the original recording came from but my ear says the original was a reel.

This is survey day… the New Music 30 debuts this day. John H. (Garabedian) sounds fine here and doesn’t miss a beat. Listen as best you can for some interesting commercials. Most of those have been edited as well, but you can make a few memories here. Also, take note of the jingles used here. A much different sound than the 1960s cuts. And that News Sounder. Just where have we heard THAT before? (grin).

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WMEX flamed out a couple of years after this aircheck, probably because most of its 50,000 watts are aimed to all the ships at sea to protect WLAC in Nashville and some other stations during the day. But it was sure fun to hear while it lasted!


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