October 19, 2021

2 thoughts on “John London, 101.3 KDWB Twin Cities | July 15, 1995

  1. Thanks…KDWB was a great sounding (and still is) CHR. However, this airchcek seems to be from July 15, 1995 not ’96. There were no songs from 1996. The latest songs were Nikki French “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”, TLC “Waterfalls”, Jamie Walters “Hold On”, Madonna “Don’t Stop”, Blessid Union Of Souls “I Believe” and The Rembrants “I’ll Be There For You”. Each of those were debuting or peaking in airplay in the middle of 1995.

  2. Apparently Denny Hecker is the guy to see for a new vehicle!

    And who doesn’t still miss Dayton’s Department Store?

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