John Mack Flanagan, KCBS-FM 97 San Francisco | November 27 1981

John Mack Flanagan, KCBS-FM 97 San Francisco | November 27 1981


John Mack Flanagan was a west coast radio legend. He spent nearly 40 years in broadcasting, much of that time in Top 40 radio. Flanagan was on the air at KFRC from 1973 to 1979. His show followed the famed Dr. Don Rose, who did morning drive. He also spend time on air at San Francisco’s KRQR, KWSS, KIOI, KSFO, KYA-FM, and the updated version of KFRC-FM. John even put the major events of his life to pen & paper, in his memoir, “Tight & Bright,” where he takes you from his early years in the desert southwest, through the jungles of South Vietnam, to big-time radio in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Here is Flanigan in his post KFRC days, when he was playing a mix of Oldies & Classic Rock at San Francisco’s KCBS-FM 97. The KCBS-FM calls were in San Francisco from 1978 until 1982, when they were changed to KRQR, and a hard edged AOR format was put in place.



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