John Records Landecker Promos, 94.7 WLS-FM Chicago | 2012

94.7 Chicago, WLS-FM

In the queue for a couple of years for posting is this couple of promos for John Records Landecker, who recently retired from WLS and radio, in general. According to Contributor Mark Shayler, these promos aired during the start of Landecker’s last stint doing nights on WLS-FM, beginning on January 23, 2012.

The promos were produced and parts narrated by former (and current) WLS DJ Jeff Davis, who was still the voice of WLS AM and FM at the time these aired. Davis hosts his own show on 94.7 WLS-FM.

94.7 Chicago, WLS-FM

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  1. Mark in Auburn, New York

    After reading reports about Landecker’s coming to WLS-FM I clicked on their stream the weekend before his start and began recording. Nicely produced bunch of promos but they seemed to raise expectations that the new show would be like John’s old WLS-AM show from the ’70s. It didn’t quite work out that way. John was still in good form but seemingly minimalized by the nature of the music-intensive format. Just a few years earlier John had done a couple “Big 89 Rewind” stints sounding like he had never left!

    I’d always wanted to call in to “Boogie Check” but, long-distance phone technology in the ’70s being what it was, I was never able to get through. I’m grateful that the WLS-FM show gave me the opportunity to communicate with John by email. I’m guessing that all the “Hey, I grew up listening to you; you’re the greatest DJ.” may have reached a point of overkill with him but I’m glad I got mine in anyway!

    John, if you read this, thank you for all the entertainment and I wish you a well-deserved happy future.

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