JoJo Kincaid in Boston – WEGQ Lawrence/Boston “Eagle 93-7” | January 9, 1998

One might argue that “The Eagle” was a station ahead of it’s time. Of course, it really wasn’t, but perhaps Bostonians weren’t quite ready for this genuine dose of 70s & 80s, graciously delivered by one of Boston’s legendary FM jocks, JoJo Kincaid.

JoJo made a huge name for himself two decades earlier, at the old 105.7 WVBF in it’s “F105” incarnation, then reinforced his reputation as one of Boston’s premiere personality CHR jocks on WXKS-FM “Kiss-108”.

This aircheck was recorded by me at work when I was doing some temp work in Marlboro, MA. Both sides were recorded on the same day, although after the tape ran out on side one, there is a gap of a few minutes before I got around to flipping the tape and recording side two – which is why you’ll hear a point in this scope where it goes from David Bowie’s “Changes” to ELO’s “Don’t Bring Me Down”.

WEGQ Was owned at the time by American Radio Systems, Inc. It was launched in 1994 as a 1970s Classic Hits station, out of what was WCGY (owned by sportscaster Curt Gowdy), a longtime fixture in Lawrence on 93.7 and known for many years in the 70s and early 80s as “The Rock Garden”. At the time of this aircheck, the station was a year and a few months away from flipping to Rhythmic Oldies as WQSX “Star 93-7”. It is today a simulcast of SportsRadio 850 with the call letters WEEI-FM

Don’t be fooled by the date. There may be a lot of commercials, and this might be a form of an “Oldies” station in 1998 – but this is most certainly a station I’D LISTEN TO today! And as I remember it, JoJo Kincaid’s personality literally MADE this radio station worth listening to. Perhaps you think so as well.

Eagle93-7 WEGQ 93.7 FM JoJo Kincaid Kiss-108 WVBF WXKS-FM WRKO Boston FM Radio F105

You can also hear JoJo Kincaid here at Airchexx:

WVBF, October 1978
Another WVBF, 1978 (Real Audio)
KKLQ San Diego, 1989


  1. Joseph

    Originally, WEGQ-93.7 was all-1970’s music, and more specifically, all ’70’s guitar rock.

    The station somewhat broadened it’s format by early 1998 to include some 1980’s music, still in a “classic rock” mode.

  2. jo-jo Kincaid is one of my favourite radio jocks of all time. His energy, wit, timing and on preice on-air skills made continuity seem like a walk in the park!!

  3. tom whalen

    WCGY went through all formats ,it was first a top 40 and album rock station,and then in the early thru mid 80’s it became was an oldies station, then in the late 80’s thru 1994 it became a rock station playing classic rock like the Doors and current new bands of the time like Nirvana, and i remember that Harvey Warfield hosted a local music program on Sunday nights

  4. Steven Green

    I lived in Boston 1983-1984. In 1983, WCGY was an oldies station that played obscure songs with the hits. A similar sound to WMOD from the early 1970’s. Obscure songs such as High School USA and was the only station that played Cub Koda’s Crazy Show (syndicated). After about February, 1984, WCGY only played big hits (oldies). I assume that they were charmed by some consultant and I curse that day. I have all the Cub Koda shows from WCGY and will make them available to airchexx. Cub Koda was also the lead singer for Brownsville Station (Smoking In The Boys Room).

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