Jojo Kincaid, WVBF Framingham (Boston) | October, 1978

105.7 Boston WVBF WROR Fairbanks 105.7 Framingham

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Jojo Kincaid has long been one of your webmaster’s favorites. Here’s Mr. Kincaid doing what he does best, and the tempo is so fast, the show so tight, it’s hard to keep up! The best Top 40 jocks were fast and this ‘check doesn’t disappoint!

Recorded on a Friday night, Jojo Kincaid is kicking off a weekend dedicated to the ladies. You’d think that something like this would mean lots of sappy love songs… but not on the New F105! Its up tempo through most of this recording.

This was from a time when WVBF had just got rid of most of it’s Disco. So, the playlist is VERY Rock oriented. No jingles here, as ‘VBF ditched the jingles in ’77 when it went to the F105 monniker. Jingles wouldn’t return until the Fall of 1980 shortly before flipping to soft AC, and they were a short lived phenomenon even then.

Kincaid must have had the fastest voice in Boston. He was a perfect fit for WVBF, and later, WXKS-FM (Kiss 108). We hear he’s in California these days, soaking up all the sunshine he can get! Compare this with Jojo Kincaid on F105 from January, 1979.

Thanks again to Contributor Matt @ Big Apple Airchecks for another fantastic aircheck!

WVBF “F105” Framingham/Boston, circa 1978

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  1. Jojo’s now cooling his heels in Florida. A well deserved rest for a dynamo that entertained millions over thirty years! I am proud to call him my best friend since middle school. I first met him when a neighbor’s dog left his baseball glove on my porch. His address was on the glove so I walked the two blocks to his house and returned it. That started a lifetime friendship and two top 3 radio careers.

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