Larry Lujack; Tommy Edwards, 1690 WRLL Berwyn IL | October 9, 2003

1690 Berwyn Chicago WRLL WVON Larry Lujack Tommy Edwards WLS

Identified as their first day on the air, Ole “Uncle Lar” and Tommy Edwards are reunited for the first time since their days on 89 WLS.

“Real Oldies” 1690 was an attempt to bring back many of the big names of the old MusicRadio 89 from the 1960s and pair them with a very old-skewing Oldies format featuring music of the 1950s and 1960s. In a way, it was really an attempt to return the Oldies format to its roots, as the first such Oldies formats that came along in the 1970s played just those particular years. The highlight of the program day was Larry Lujack and Tommy Edwards, and as you can hear here, Lujack sounds a bit disorganized (or perhaps it was by design), but that could be because he was not really in the studio with Edwards, but rather from his home in New Mexico via ISDN.

Two things about this six minute composite. First, I can’t trace it but there is a distinct echo which is not reverb but is present on the original recording. This came to me via an emailed mp3 and it is not the first time I’ve heard this sort of echo in emailed digital recordings. I might have to return to asking for tapes… Second, this recording goes well over two hours in length and given the echo and other artifacts, I’ve only used the first 20 minutes or so and scoped it down to this presentation. When I can figure out how to clean up the rest of the recording, a full scope of the complete recording will go up.

1690 Berwyn Chicago WRLL WVON Larry Lujack Tommy Edwards WLS


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