Mike O’Neil, KBGO “Oldies 93” Las Vegas | December 22, 1993

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Las VegasDate of Recording: 12.22.1993
Station: 93.1 KBGO (KUDO/KEYV/KBGO/KQOL/KPLV) Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Format: Oldies
Featured Air Personality: Mike O’Neal
Contributor: Annonymous


Our first listen to the Las Vegas market has nothing to do with slot machines, craps, poker or any of that! Here’s deep-voiced Mike O’Neil on a live and well executed Oldies format on KBGO Big Oldies 93. Even into the early 90s, many oldies stations still tried to recreate at least the old Johnny Mann jingles or some of the old sounds… well, KBGO did use the old ‘Drake’ top of the hour anthem, but with a different voice and a modern station jingle tag. It does sound good, however, even if the few Drake sounds are faux.

This is a first-generation original recording recorded around the Christmas holiday in 1993 that will please your ears! Don’t look for any Christmas songs (scoped) here… there just aren’t any in this short glimpse of the format, but at least they DO say ‘Happy Holidays” in one of the jingles.


  1. Michael Litant

    Re: Mike O’Neil, KBGO “Oldies 93″ Las Vegas | December 22, 1993

    Hi Steve,

    You said we wouldn’t find any holiday songs on this aircheck … if I heard correctly (and there wasn’t much to go on and just about all Ventures tunes I know start with drums and end with a twa-a-n-n-g!!), I think I heard a snippet of the Ventures’ version of “Sleigh Ride” at about 2:24 just following the holiday ID (which is a Top-40ish thing to do) … and in Boston, they only planed that at Christmas time.


    Michael Litant
    San Francisco, CA
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    WBZ, Boston listener 1969-71
    WVBF-FM, Framingham/Boston listener 1971-75
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  2. Karen Rose

    I live in Fort Hood and work as a nurse case manager for our wounded warriors. My husband is also a soldier. While listening to 95.7 yesterday on my way home from work, (7 Dec) at 5:30 pm I heard a piece on Santa finding a soldier sleeping on a floor on Christmas Eve. I was very moved by it. Will you please tell me who the artist is and the name?

    Karen Rose

    • Karen, I guess you’ve gotten our website confused with that of a radio station. Perhaps someone else heard what you heard, however, and respond in this forum.

      As a side note, please, for your privacy, don’t include addresses or phone numbers unless you explicitly say in your comment that you want that information given out. Its a dangerous world in cyberspace and we don’t need kooks looking up information about our visitors. As a matter of policy, unless you expressly say you want your personal info out there, I will remove anything I deem too identifying where someone could find a visitor’s home or personal info. This is for your safety.


  3. Connie

    Really enjoyed hearing this! I so miss the old djs! Especially Mike O’Neil! !!

  4. Jim

    December 22, 1993 was a Wednesday. Could this have been December 19? If it was three days before Christmas, I think they would have been been heavy on the holiday music on their playlist. There’s hardly any Christmas music on this.

  5. Sounds great. I like more than anything that they play some
    ‘real oldies’. In a time where it was still ok, and no worry about offending
    some demo.

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