Robert Murphy, 101.1 WKQX (Q101) Chicago | January 1984

The competition was incredible, and so was the air talent heard every morning in Chicagoland during this, the heyday of FM CHR!

Courtesy of Robyn Watts’ fabulously wonderful collection, we bring you Robert Murphy and his style of morning show on WKQX. This is another incredibly high-fi recording from Midwest Aircheck, so turn up those 7.1 surround speakers and enjoy!



  1. John Adams

    I had the pleasure of listening to Robert Murphy on his Murphy in the Morning show during his hayday. This sample is mild compared to some of the really funny ones.
    I can remember a classic where he ran a contest to a free vacation to the Isles of Langrahan, which turned out to be a medical term for a part of the body. That’s only a small example. Many times he would appear live on street corners, where I saw him once. His blend with Beth Kay and little tommy was a classic. Wish I could find more of his recordings….

  2. Lane

    Agreed, I remember Murphy in the morning for destructo-phone, dial-a-date, stump the murph, and other crazy stunts they did. Crazy jingles, etc. They were well ahead of their time.

    I have a ton of it on tape somewhere.

  3. Linda

    I loved Murphy in the morning! Does anyone remember the name of the physic lady he had on? She was great, but I can’t remember her name.

  4. Timothy

    I have 90 minutes of his 3rd Anniversary show on MP3 which is hilarious! I don’t remember the name of the physic lady but other classics on the show include Mr. Codgers, Lance Butt-man and the Young and the Impotent episodes.

    • Bill

      Any chance you would make that available?

  5. Valary

    I loved Murphey and yes this mild compared to his “Vibrator Wars” that was absolutley hysterical! He was wonderful did he finally retire or did he get another station?

  6. Patrick

    Hah! Ya’ll are behind the times. I remember Murphy when he was in Charlotte NC. He wanted to leave to see if he could compete in one of the bigger markets.

    From what I’ve read, he did well.

  7. Rick

    I also remember him in Charlotte. 95Q and Big WAYS. Hung out with him and JB at Wayneo’s Little Vegas. Anyone remember that?? BTW Where’s Murph at these days? It’s like he just dropped off the end of the Earth.

  8. Linda

    Remember Abdullah Shimani Cab Driver?

  9. I remember listening to Robert Murphy in the Morning on Q101 Chicago back in the late 80’s early 90’s as an 19yo college student busting my gut laughing in the college parking lot being late for class because I could not tear away from his hilarious morning show! I loved the one where they got drunk on the air, and “vibrator-olympic” dating games and all kinds of jingles, just absolutely hilarious. I got to thinking about him when I remembered he banned a caller from calling in to his show until they put lights in Wrigley field and lowe and behold it happened and the called phoned in. I would love to listen to his past episodes. I know he is doing great!

  10. Bill OB

    i remember a spoof by murphy in the morning a card game at the white house and president ford is asked to pardon president nixon; and his comment was “I already did” is that available

    • kcm

      Are you sure maybe he wasn’t playing a clip from the First Family comedy album? Not the original Kennedy-era album — this was from 1981 called “The First Family Rides Again.” There was a sketch where the ex-presidents were playing cards, and none of them knew how to play very well.

  11. Ken

    Murf, Danger Dan, Dave McBride. What a great team.

    Currently, Murphy in Morning is heard on 100.3 FM in Chicago. Great to have him back on the air in Chicago after 18 years!

  12. Ken

    How about his “Life’s Embarrassing Moments” bits. They were classics.

  13. Kimberley O'Brien

    So Funny! Thanks for this Chicago throwback, LOL!!

  14. Brady

    This check is awesome, if even mild per the other commentary! Murph curses, creates banter and humor, some great stories and spoof news and of course the music. I like the balance of music and banter as well as the almost anythig goes! Great polticaly incorrect radio! Also, Murph frequently mentions his vacation starting. Today air talent usually doesn’t know their going on vacation until after the show and it last beyond the 2 weeks the get paid for it…

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