New England Radio Composite | April 1980

680 Boston WRKO

Curator’s Notes:

This composite is a collection of various airchecks of stations in the 6 state New England region.  One of the real joys for a radio listener up there is, There are a lot of medium market stations, all within earshot of the major cities of Boston, Hartford,  Providence, and, while not technically in New England, Albany NY.

If you liked radio in the Northeast, or lived anywhere in the central part of Massachusetts where atmospheric conditions varied so much that one could catch stations from all over New England, this will be a real treat for you!


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From Maine to Massachusetts, WHEB to WBZ, here are some rare sounds that your webmaster hasn’t heard in over 30 years!




680 Boston WRKO



    Who’s the female announcer doing middays on the WBZ segment?

    • Joseph

      Janet Jenighilen (sp?), who laer became a talk-show host at WRKO.

  2. Joseph

    Jordan Rich is now the weekend overnight talk-show host on WBZ-1030.

    He must have literally been a kid back then!

    It also seems that WRKO-680 (which would go 24/7 talk a year-and-a-half later) was more of an adult contemporary sound during the day with more of a Top-40 slant at night.

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