“New Is…” Jingles, from Newsradio 88 WCBS New York | 1979

“New Is…” Jingles, from Newsradio 88 WCBS New York | 1979

If you are a radio geek (and if you were not, you probably wouldn’t be here) you have probably had a radio jingle package get stuck in your head over the years. Normally it’s the CHR or Top 40 stations that tend to have the catchiest jingles. For many years I had the jingles for an all news station stuck in my head! In 1979, WCBS All News 88 had a jingle package, called “News Is…” produced by Steve Karmen.

WCBS wanted something to help them stand out from news competitor, 1010 WINS. They decided rather than go to a radio jingle company, they hired commercial jingle composer Steve Karmen. If you don’t know the name Steve Karmen, I guarantee that you that you’ve heard his work. Some of his biggest commercial jingles include:

I Love New York… Nationwide Is On Your Side… Hershey, The Great American Chocolate BarAt Beneficial (Doot! Doot!) You’re Good For More… When You Say Budweiser, You’ve Said It All… Sooner Or Later You’ll Own Generals… Aren’t You Glad You Use Dial… Weekends Were Made For Michelob… The Greatest Day In Your Life (Six Flags Great Adventure)… When You Say Budweiser… and many more.

Steve wrote a great package for WCBS. It was stuck in my head for years. -Ellis

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  1. Bill

    I remember Pat Garrett doing a lot of their voice work for years.

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