Old Gold Volume 3 | 1970’s and 80’s

Courtesy of Contributor Alan Fletcher.
This originally posted under the title “AM/FM Snippets”, but I think it is best categorized as part of our “Old Gold” series that started this weekend. It’s a composite of various stations like WABC New York and WDRC Hartford.

One of the really interesting aspects of this recording is the blazing heat and severe thunderstorm coverage. You actually ‘hear’ the storm rolling in towards the place where this was recorded in the form of static crashes. Today, there’s barely even mention of a storm unless the National Weather Service sends an EAS alert. Truly historic!

This is truly a fabulous group of airchecks all nicely scoped down. You’ll hear Steve O’Brien on WABC and a bunch of smaller stations. All part of a typical day of radio listening on a hot Summer day back in the 1970s!


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