Pete Stevens, 104.5 WXLO Fitchburg/Worcester Ma. | May 10, 1998

104.5 FM Worcester WXLO

The similarities between WBMX “Mix 98.5” Boston and 104.5 WXLO out in suburban (Fitchburg) Worcester were striking. Both stations were Hot AC formatted, with the same blend of soft alternative, pop and 80s/90s gold music, and virtually the same on air approach.

WXLO was consulted, at least for the second half of the 1980s and early 90s, by Jay Williams (WMAS-FM Springfield). It SOUNDS like Williams’ handiwork here in this 1998 scope of WXLO featuring Pete Stevens.

Notice the outstanding imaging, and live elements. This was a station that until the early 2000’s, utilized CD and tape Carts out of state-of-the-art studios in the Worcester Center Galleria Mall. Actually, I’m not quite sure if they were in the Mall in ’98 or if they moved. Somebody knows.

Here’s a 7+ minute scope of a very CONSTANT Hot AC station that is still around today with the heritage WXLO call letters once used at 98.7 in New York City.

104.5 FM Worcester WXLO

Aircheck recorded by site Owner/Webmaster Steve West


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