Program Spotlight: “That Thing With Rich Appel”

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Rich AppelYou’re probably wondering, is this just another weekend Classic Hits show? You’d be right to ask, but the answer is, NO. that thing is unique, in that unlike other Classic Hits shows, Rich Appel presents the music “in context” with how it was heard during the time when those songs were fresh. You’ll hear vintage radio commercials and their associated jingles (I haven’t asked him yet if “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should” is allowed in), classic radio jingles, the hits with Rich hitting the posts, and the FUN.

The best way for me to explain that thing, is to present this recent demo recording. Now on over 100 FM, AM and internet stations around the world, that thing with Rich Appel is at that point where a major syndication deal seems imminent. The nice thing is, one day in the future, we, here at Airchexx will be able to say we got to talk to Rich and present his show before it got big!


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