Brian Pierce, 194.5 WZOU Boston | 1987

94.5 FM Boston WZOU WCOZ WJMN WHDH-FM Brian Pierce Uncle Johnny Sunny Joe White

It almost went back to Rock. WZOU was at a crossroads in ’86, that is, until CBS’ HitRadio 103 WHTT threw in the towel and flipped, first to AAA as ‘Quality Rock’ WMRQ, then to the long standing and current Oldies 103 WODS. So, it was that by 1987, WZOU was in full CHR glory, with it’s only competition being WXKS ‘Kiss 108’.

Brian Pierce sent in this aircheck of his show during this period, and honestly we wish it were longer. At 2:43 in length, this must be his demo tape. This, gang, is GREAT CHR from the heyday of FM Top 40!

94.5 FM Boston WZOU WCOZ WJMN WHDH-FM Brian Pierce Uncle Johnny Sunny Joe White


  1. Phil Lamar

    Brians one of the best CHR jocks ever. Nice post.

  2. Jim

    Brian would eventually switch to mornings and “Z” hired Judy Paperelli to be his side kick. I’m telling you, this had to be the best year of WZOU’s legacy.

  3. Tom Michaels

    Anyone who includes pedestrian accidents in the traffic report is cool with me.

  4. Bob Hamilton

    I remember this guy and always loved his stuff. He’s in Wichita now at KFDI.


    What ever happened to Karen Blake from about 1987 ?

    • Danny Wright

      I believe after WZOU in the late 90’s Karen was on the air in the afternoon doing country music at WKLB. Then did a long run at Star-937 in the morning. She is now at oldies 103 in the morning after having started there in the afternoon.

      • Bob Byledbal

        Thanks for the info connected with her and sent her a tape of her Oct 14 1987 show that I made 22 years ago.

  6. Brady

    Lots of good radio in a short space. Wish radio was still like this today!

  7. John Holman

    This guy was amazing on WZOU. His website is and has even more audio.

  8. Phil O'Bryan

    I worked with Brian at B-97 in New Orleans. Brian is one of the nicest guys in the business and one heck of a jock!

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