QuickCheck: John “Records” Landecker, WLS Chicago | August, 1975

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John Records Landecker
John Records Landecker at WLS-FM 94.7
Date of Recording: 08.xx.1975 (Exact Date Unknown)
Station: 890 WLS Chicago Illinois, USA
Featured Air Personality: John Records Landecker (WILS, WIBG, WLS, CFTR, WLUP, WAGO, WPHR, WJMK, WZZN, WLS-FM)
Airchexx Entry: 644 (Repost at 1,453)

“If anyone asks you what station YOU listen to, tell them W L S!”


Another too short listen to Landecker, finds him reading off the names of people who will be going to eat dinner with the Osmonds and then see them in concert. Hard to believe Donny & Marie were ever a big deal (if today’s oldies stations are any guage), but JRL sure talks it up.

Listen for a great promo for the WLS Monster Bonanza as Tommy Edwards produces this piece that shows WLS giving away a Mazda!

We have a similar aircheck here most likely from the same night. How’d that happen?

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  1. Actually, it’s Tommy Edwards (“Lil’ Tommy” for fans of “Animal Stories”) voicing the Mazda promo.

  2. Carl Falk

    Hi! I grew up in Chicago. Grade schl in the ’60’s. WLS & WCFL were the stations!! I can’t remember which station had this traffic update. No one I’ve talked with remembers this. But to an adolescent boy, this sure started my days off right!! Especially going to a Catholic grade school, Immaculate Conception, on the North-West side!! The spot would go something like this: “And now traffic” – Then, a VERY SEXY sounding female voice would purr out of the speakers, “Hello traffic, I’m 36-24-36”!!!!! And then I think the DJ would report the traffic. Does ANYONE remember this?! I’d love to get a copy of that spot. And who was she? It was either CFL or LS. I can’t find this anywhere. Forty some years later I can still remember her voice. Mabey Larry Lujack would recall, or Dick Biondi. Hope you can dig this up. I wonder how many accidents she caused on a daily basis!! Thank you, Carl Falk 847 438 5832.

  3. MIKE


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