93.1 KKHR,Los Angeles QuickCheck: Mark Hanson, 93 KKHR Los Angeles | August, 1985

QuickCheck: Mark Hanson, 93 KKHR Los Angeles | August, 1985

93.1 Los Angeles KKHR KNX-FM

From our increasingly-reliable source at our sister site, the Aircheck Trader’s Board at www.radioinsight.com, comes this original recording of HitRadio 93 KKHR. Outside of the year, we can’t really determine the date, but perhaps it doesn’t matter.

CBS really had a good thing on its hands with its’ branded “HitRadio” CHR format. Stations like KKHR, KHTR St. Louis and WHTT Boston all had tremendous appeal, and for a short while the format burned a hole through contemporary music in the 80s. Perhaps that was the problem, however. Songs in extremely tight rotation that burned themselves out with the audience. Perhaps we’ll never know exactly what spelled doom for HitRadio, but it sure was fun to listen to.

HitRadio 93 KKHR

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  1. Hi Steve,

    In the case of KKHR, the reason that it failed was that CBS wouldn’t spend the money on marketing or promotions. This was back when KIIS was spending money left and right on new Porsche 944’s complete with $10,000 in the glove compartment (not to mention having a dominate morning man in Rick Dees). KIIS was at a 10+ share in the ratings at the time while KKHR was a distant second.


  2. Just an FYI for everyone, Mark Hanson now goes by the name of Mark Jagger and is one half of “Jagger & Kristi” currently on XHRM “Magic 92.5” FM in San Diego.

  3. I learn something about Hitradio everytime I come across these sites!

    At another posting, I saw some misinformation. For the record, Todd Parker signed on Hitradio (1st record? Wanna Be Startin’ Something/Michael Jackson).

    Jack Armstrong joined the staff at a later date. The Gorilla was never hired … he seemed to come along for the bananas. Eventually, we kept Jack and found a nice home for the Gorilla.

    And yes, Dancin’ Mark Hanson did a great job for us! I’m delighted to hear he’s still doing well.

    Thanks to all for keeping the spirit of Hitradio alive after all these years!

  4. i was in LA in summer of 85 and this radio station and KIIS wers so astounding that i recorded some of the shows to bring back with me to the UK ( i never listen to the radio in the Uk cos its boring , hardly any music and most of the time its just listening to anally retentive djs who r so much up their own arses its unbeleivable, and they just yak on and on about themsleves). I still paly those old tapes even today in 2008 cso they r gems. Trying to remeber teh dj’s one was Bryan roberts i think, who when things went wrong like a jingle failed to play could make even that sound exciting, he sounded so porfessional (wots he doin now please) and he would do teh show on friday evening and so make u want to go out and go for it, wonderful!!! Alo Kasey Kasem i think. Please sned back more info on what these guys r doing now. thankx tehy were an inspiration.

  5. Simply put, Hit Radio 93 KKHR was a great radio station. Ed and your team did a great job! Screw the ratings!
    Dancin’ Mark Hanson was great at night. I loved how he handled the phones. In fact, I changed the way I ‘do phones’ based on his show.

  6. I would love to get the KKHR top hour jingle. I think it is one of the best jingles I’ve ever heard. Anyone got a copy?
    Jack Armstrong was one of the best jocks ever.

  7. KKHR was a great station competing against Rick Dees at his peak, a station with a huge marketing budget and a sales and promotions staff that would not quit until the station got a Perfect 10 in the year of the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.

    If KKHR was in Houston or Phoenix it would have been the dominant FM for years. But CBS ditched HitRadio because of its formula – it was hot, fiery and slick. The jingles are emblematic of the TM Century packages made famous by WHTZ (Z100) and the Top of the Hour jingle is straight out of the Flamethrower package many stations across the world used.

    KKHR was unique also for its ability to measure legit KROQ hits that did not receive airplay outside of L.A. and of the dance hits Power would soon own. “Dance Electric” is featured on this aircheck, and the listener who has to choose Andre Simone, Godley & Creme or Paul Young goes with Simone. I have never heard this song before.

    KKHR’s demise was ultimately Magic 106’s flip to Power 106 and continued polarization, with KROQ surging among 12-34 listeners. KMET and KLOS were also still strong until the mid-1980s rock swoon.

    What is truly fascinating is the fact that KIQQ could never get traction, mainly because of reported irregularities with “paper ads” – songs that the station told trade publications and chartmakers they played but didn’t. Then there was the money for spins.

    Lastly, If I was programming an Oldies or Adult Hits station today I’d ditch the 60s/70s formatics and go full-blown Flamethrower. With the library of music from 1976-85 available, the rebirth of 80s Hits would sound fantastic.

  8. This is in reply to Graham Spencer’s comment about making a tape in 1985 that he still listens to today. My story is almost identical to yours. I made my tape in the summer of 1984 on a Panasonic walkman I bought in France in 1983. I was just telling a friend tonight that I consider the tape priceless. Not only were the songs great but the deejays and the jingles were great. If anyone wants to buy a copy of my cassette – get in touch.

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